Are Elf Bar flavors different between models?

Elf Bar flavors are different between models—although you may find some repeats.

For example, the flavor menu is different for the BC5000 and the CR5000 though you can find a blue razz in most of their models. On the other hand, the Elf Bar banana milk flavor is only in the T600 and the Elf Bar 2500/3600. If you want cranberry soda, you’ll need the Lost Mary OS5000 by Elf Bar.

Elf bar

Another thing to consider is that the different models perform differently from each other, and even within a certain line. Like, the BC line vapes differently than the CR series, but even within the BC series you’re going to have differences. The BC5000 Ultra will perform differently than the BC5000, and they also have slightly different menus. With that in mind, the same blue razz flavor may actually taste different since it will most definitely vape differently between models.

Each Elf Bar is unique, with different form factors, atomization systems, airflow, and battery configurations. Depending on the device in question, sometimes flavors just don’t carry their appeal across systems and their various power and airflow tunings. The same liquid in one device may not shine the same as in another, even if both are made by the same manufacturer.

Lastly, some flavors end up being discontinued. With a product line as extensive as Elf Bar, it would be impossible to keep up with producing large quantities of a flavor that no one is buying. This also might explain why blue razz ice is a flavor in most of their models. It sells well, so it’s likely to stay available no matter what they make.


Where can I buy these Elf Bar flavors?

You can find a wide variety of Elf Bar flavors in various retail locations, from C-stores to gas stations and of course smoke and vape shops. However, stock of a particular flavor will depend on the locale and the old adage of supply and demand. If you’re in a location where vapers prefer candy flavors, it might not be fruitful to drive around looking for the tobacco flavor.

Of course, the internet is always going to be your best option for a wide variety of choices. You can search for a specific flavor with the name “elf bar” and see what you can find online. However, if you can’t find it online actually being sold by a reputable site, it’s pretty safe to assume that you’re not going to find it at any physical shop near you.

Can I get Elf Bars outside the United States?

Yes. As to what Elf Bar devices and flavors you can get, it depends, unfortunately, on the laws of your land. If you live in an area under TPD compliance, you’re not going to have access to the 50 mg/mL devices housing large quantities of e-liquid. Conversely, there are Elf Bar devices only intended for locations under heavy restrictions, and those are not going to be readily available in the States.

How to recharge an Elf Bar

Recharging an Elf Bar is as simple as recharging any small electronic device with a USB-C charge port. Plug in the USB-C cable to the Elf Bar and the USB plug into a power source appropriate for charging other small electronics.

That said, you may not own a USB-C charge cord if you don’t have a bunch of other new electronics—and Elf Bar doesn’t provide you with the charge cord in their kits. Fret not; you can find one at your nearest gas station or even a corner drug store. Make sure to get a USB-C and not a micro-USB cable.

When your Elf Bar stops making vapor, or the hit starts to feel weak, you will need to recharge the battery. Another way to tell that the battery needs recharging is by checking the indicator light on the bottom of the device. The light will blink when the battery is depleted, though it is sometimes hard to see since it’s on the bottom of the device.

When charging an Elf Bar, the battery light will either turn off or stay solid once the device is done charging. It will take approximately 30-60 minutes to charge your Elf Bar, depending on the size of its battery. The Elf Bars with the highest mAh will take the longest, while those with something like 300 mAh will take the least amount of time.

How do I dispose of my Elf Bars?

Throw away your Elf Bar in the trash as you would any other object. You can try and hack it to remove the battery and recycle all the individual internals, but it’s likely more hassle than it’s worth…and potentially dangerous. These devices aren’t meant to be disassembled by the consumer.

If you’re concerned about recycling, the best option you have is hazardous waste recycling. Although there are places where you can dispose of batteries and other electronics, these devices contain nicotine which may make them unsuitable for your regular electronics drop-offs.

Check with your local Waste Management for pick-up/drop-off times in your area for hazardous waste. Of note, WM also has a mail-in program for small hard-to-dispose-of items that contain constituents inappropriate for landfills.

These are not the best options, of course. Until vape companies start incentivizing a return to them for proper disposal/recycling, the onus is on the consumer to do the right thing. If the right thing for you is simply to put them in the trash, do that. They’re called disposable for a reason. Just don’t litter.